Creating a Weapon - Bow and Arrow - Need HELP!

Hey guys,
first of all I wann say my english is not the best, but I try to be understandable^^

I want to set up a Weapon for my current project - a bow.
I already have the animated Bow with a firing and loading animation (the arrow model is also available). As character animations iI am going to use some from mixamos pack.
But since I have never done something like that, I have no idea what I need to do… I used UE4 until now only for setting up some nice scenes^^

So if there is someone out there, could helping me… would be great!

A bow pretty much is a GUN with a animation played before the bullet is fired.

Thanks for answering:)
But it would be great if someone could give me a step by step tutorial/instruction^^ Or a Videotutorial in which is everything is explained:)!

hi. i can’t help you in animation part, but you can watch this video, it will teach you to how attach a weapon and showing bullets.

Thanks Dude! It helped a little bit, but I am still at the beginning :wink:
The only thing a was able to do right now, was importing my own character (and it’s moving!) and the zoom in and zoom out effect pressing the right mouse button for aiming.
But with the bow (& arrow) itself, i am not really further…^^

I still have the hope that there will come up a blueprint on the market one day :smiley: