Creating a unique monster?

So I just need somebody to refer me to a sequence of tutorials through which I could learn exactly what it takes to create a monster, with a unique skeleton (it’d be a flying serpent, so one chain-like skeleton), with movement animations for that specific skeleton.
I am developing a game and I haven’t gotten into the animating pipeline yet, and I find it a little daunting because I can’t wrap my head around it just yet, it’d really help if I had a few videos which would teach me the things that I need to know so I can apply this to more monsters and whatnot.

Thank you and Cheers!

Hi there! Plural site is good for beginners! Here is a video on how to rig and animate a snake

If buy a membership it includes the project models and scenes

If that’s too complicated start with the basics then move on to that video


I appreciate the quick reply and effort, but I should have mentioned I don’t have Maya and I was considering going the Blender, 3dsMax route.
Thank you for the reply anyways!

That is totally fine they have thousands of software and tutorials:

3DS Max:


p.s I’d recommend Maya for animation as it’s the most widely used but both 3Ds Max and Blender are good

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