Creating a trigger sound without moving

I am in the process of creating a horror game and what i want to introduce is a response if the character stays still for too long.

E.G they stand in the smae place for 5-10 seconds and then you would hear noises to give it an uncomfertable feeling, which that also i would like to create a sort of nervous bar to be displayed to show how your character is feeling at that time so the longer you stand still the move it increases and the sounds get worst etc

Thanks in advance guys

You could use a retriggerable delay that is re-set every time you have movement input. If there is no input for 5-10 seconds the delay will execute your uncomfortableness!

For adding the bar you could use a timeline driving a UMG ProgressBar. Start the timeline with the rest of your ambient uncomfortableness. Turn on your progress bar, and watch it grow. The timeline would also drive the volume of your sounds or whatever else you want.

Thanks very much for your help I’ll give that a go :slight_smile: