Creating a transparent leaded light

Hi guys,
Trying to re-create this
I have a jpeg that has the diamond pattern.

I now need to do the following once I created the material.

Use the image to.

  1. Create the effect of glass where the white is.
  2. Make the grey solid.
  3. Make the grey stand out using a bump map.

I have created the image using a vector program.

I see in the samples that the format should be TGA and the textures have 2 formats (the image and a ‘coloured’ one.

How can I do this please?


A stage further.

I have fumbled along and got to this stage.

I created various diamond shape configurations.

I use the black background with white diamonds for the opacity and normal.

I can swap out white background grey or black diamonds for the colour of the ‘lead’.

So I have what appears to be glass with some diamond shapes on there.

  1. I can’t seem to get any depth to the lead lines.
  2. Is there a way to get the tiling to scal to the size of the glass (a box) automatically.


Needs to be 2 sided.

Did you try using a Mask instead?


You won’t get any bump detail with a translucent material, unless your surface mode is set to TLM_SURFACE (scroll down, it should be there).

But Frankie is right, a masked material would work better for this. Or, if its just a small window, an actual static mesh would be ideal.

Thanks for the input,

Can you point me to a mask tutorial that will cover what I am trying to do please?


Progress so far.

I followed this Glass with Decals help - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums and managed to get the diamonds on the glass.

2 questions please.

  1. I don’t understand why the diamonds are black. The base colour is white background with light grey diamond and a jpeg. The opacity one is a transparent png and what what I understand the black is the transparency. So why are the diamonds not light grey ?

  2. The result I have is brilliant for a decal but I know need some depth so the diamond look like real lead. Is it possible to change what I have or am I barking up the wrong tree.

Any help appreciated but at idiot level please.