Creating a track given x,y points

Hi guys, I’m totally new to Unreal Engine and I need a little bit of help. I’m writing a thesis on autonomous race car and I’d like to build a visual demostration. I’ve chosen UE4 because it can easily communicate with the environment where I’m building my simulation (Matlab/Simulink) but I’ve noticed that it isn’t easy at all to get started with the editor.
The thing i want to ask you is: given the coordinates (x,y) of the left and the right edge of the track, saved in a .xml file, how can I import and interpolate them in order to make two curves? Then I’d just need to put a road texture beetween the lines. I know it could sound easy but I’ve really looked for a lot of tutorial but no one of them fit my needs… unfortunately I haven’t a lot of time to learn the basic, so if you can just link me a tutorial or give me some hint on how to do it I’d be very grateful.


You can not easily import xml files the way you want to, but spline meshes may be your answer otherwise.
They let you modify and curve meshes (a flat road in your case) by using control points. Making the points dynamic is a bit trickier, but if you’re just after a manual visual road curve, this is the way.