Creating a tech demo for Xbox One or PS4?

Hey there,

I have a rather unique case which I’m hoping to get some advice on.

I’m creating a game demonstration to showcase a technology specific to console users. While I can demonstrate this on a PC, ideally it would be possible to do this on an Xbox One or PS4.

Using Xbox One as an example, I understand that you need an Xbox Developer ID and once you obtain that you contact Epic Games so you can begin the process of getting Xbox Source Code for UE4.

But this is a tech demo. It’s not planned to be a full game which is a requirement for getting the Xbox Developer ID.

Is there really no way of just writing a game to a disc and playing it on XBOX?

Any feedback, ideas, or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

It does not matter if it’s a game or tech demo, in order to put any software on any of consoles you need to be licensed developer of that console. All console manufactures impose NDA on any of development related stuff for the device and it’s reason why public version of UE4 don’t have console support and you don’t see any public discussions related to it… and not to mention you need console SDK which UE4 will need to package the game for console in first place. So it’s really not up to Epic, it’s all up to console manufactures and you first should ask them, if they grant you access Epic will give you access to there console support…

i have license from microsoft for xbox and developer kit, now how do i contact epic about this to get permissions to build for xbox?

Same question here.

I heard once that process is usually automatic if you use same email in to do business with platform manufacture, try access lock up documentation here on bottom it might trigger it:

You can also try contacting epic account support since extra permissions are need to be tied to it