Creating a spline tool racing track causes collision issues with landscape

I’m facing an issue with the spline tool when creating a racing track on UE 4.27.2.
The tool itself is fabulous to use and the resulting track is beautiful and flawless when looking at it from any angle. The issues arise when you start to drive on the track.
I’m using the normal vehicle class on this version and my configuration is resembling a formula-one car. The straights are going smoothly, but when I get to the first banking curve (roughly 15deg of sideways inclination), out of no-where something collides with the vehicle and it doesn’t show up in the collision view. (While viewing the collision markers, they are actually orienting themselves to the position and orientation of the first laid spline segment). It doesn’t matter what type of collision I use, everyone behaves the same way. It won’t smooth out with landscape smoothing tool and I can’t make the vehicle collisions ignore these random occurring glitches by changing the walkable slope angle.
I also tried to switch between dedicated spline layer and combined one. The dedicated layering smoothed some of the most dramatic random collision errors out, but others still remain.
Unreal documentation doesn’t mention anything related to this kind of an issue, nor have I found any tutorial video dealing with this. I have created many test levels with various sizes and complexities, always with the same result.
How could I get this solved? Help me, please!