Creating a spindash in UE4 ?

So i’m making a Sonic Fangame but i need to create a spindash. But i don’t know how to create it with blueprints. If you don’t know what a spindash is, it’s simply a dash but if we press the B button more longer it will increase more speed (in the Adventure series). So if you can help me it will be grateful. Thanks !

Here’s a gameplay if you want to see how a spindash looks like :

I’m not too experienced with blueprints, so I can’t tell you the exact nodes or setup - but logically I’d assume what you would want to do is make it where you build velocity by holding down a button, say B on your gamepad, and upon release your character would move in the direction you’re facing in said speed. Check Youtube for UE4 dash tutorials, it should give you an idea of how to accomplish it. =)

Thanks ! Now i can do a spindash but i can’t fix the velocity, i’ve seen this tutorial but this is not working. Can you please find a tutorial because i can’t find it anywhere ? Thanks again

Will then Sonic start spin dashing?