Creating a sphere character controller

I am really new to UE, so I would appreciate any guidance; I am not sure if I am going about this the right way and have no idea where I should go. I am trying to do everything I can programmatically first, as this really helps me understand the engine.

I am trying to make a sphere based character controller. I need a static sphere collider (I actually don’t fully understand how UE handles colliders) as well as a skinned mesh. I need the movement to be like a ball moving (rotating the skinned mesh, but allowing the skinned mesh to animate independently), able to jump, and very precisely controlled (stops when the player stops pressing the button).

I went through the ball example, and that isn’t exactly what I need. It’s a static mesh, the movement is pretty far from what I want (the momentum keeps it going, and it takes way too long to reach full speed. I can’t get it to move the way I like by just messing with the variables), and the jumping logic doesn’t work. I sort of took from that example, and moved the code to ACharacter based class, trying to get it so I don’t have to do jumping logic (which can get complicated), but it sets the root component (what I am assuming use to be the capsule) to the ball, and that breaks the jumping logic. And when I try to just attach the static mesh ball to the root component, it doesn’t even render, it seems.

I have been trying quite random things trying to understand UE. Is it possible to change the capsule component to a sphere component and have the jumping logic work? Why isn’t the static mesh I attached to root rendering?

Thank you for any help!

I would love to see an answer to this…

But I guess for starters if it is only a ball, then it would be best to just have a sphere do the job and control it from “outside” (thought you will lost the subclassing/using from character).

The problem is if you need still to animate the sphere say like the roll of the character “Sonic” from SEGA, but still able to roll way-loops like this one I would love to know how to make this :slight_smile: when subclassing from character class in BP or code :).