Creating a small team of devs to make a game a month

Hey all!

I recently read this article about focusing on creating a game a month rather then committing all ones time to create a single game that ends e\up never seeing the light of day (at least in my case) and it seems like a great idea.

I haven’t used UE4 for a while due to work, and unfortunately I wont be able to use it as much as I’d like to. That being said I would still love to get back into it and was hoping of making a small team of like minded people aimed towards creating a game a month.

Skill cap isn’t really important as long as your committed to the vision. Rookies, veterans even complete beginners are more then welcome to join.

If anyone is interested drop me a dm on discord. Look forward to hearing from you!

GettoBurger #5807

Well whats the objective of making a game a month?

Do you already have the infrastructure in place?


Well for me personally its to relearn all that I’ve forgotten with the engine (although I’m sure that aspect wont take too long) so I guess the more prominent reason is to finalize a game, something I’ve never done before due to the scope I’ve always set for myself, whether that was a multiplayer FPS with a bunch of unneeded features or a single player rpg with a story line and side quests.

Thats personally my objectives.

Others may differ. For some I’d imagine working on a team would be one, or perhaps someone new to the engine would like to give it a shot and starting out on a team would be less daunting, heck if we have a project manager to be he/she could take lead and manage the development process of each game. So it depends on the person really. Ultimately the goal remains the same, develop a game a month.

As for the infrastructure, unfortunately no I do not. That is something I was hoping the team could develop together.

Your lack of time is detrimental to your goal of a game a month. Wouldn’t you need to devote ‘more’ time on such a schedule?

Do you think a project manager would join on the basis of what you’ve suggested “make a game a month” as that’s hardly a new idea. Have you written any GDD or stories/concept art to help drive recruitment? Unless these are [PAYED] positions, you are essentially pitching a game concept to those that are willing to work for nothing with the hope that it will pay off at the end. Sorry for my scepticism, but your idea seems ill conceived.

If you just want to collaborate and mess around with UE4, you could try hook up here Unreal Slackers