Creating a Skeleton Mesh in UE4?


I’m new to UE4. This is all new to me and i’m trying to learn as i go along. My question is, can i import a model i’ve made in sketchup .fbx and UE4 generate a skeleton that i can edit bone placement in? kind of like lowering the opacity of my model so i could drag the bones around where i need them to be? I apologize if this sounds obscene or has already been covered. If i’m way off base, could you please provide a link for me? So i can learn more about skeleton meshes, what they are and how they’re made. Thanks for taking the time to read and Thank You in advance!

QUESTION: Can i just create a model, let’s say from sketchup, drop it into UE4 and UE4 generates a skeleton for me? if not can you please provide a link where i can get started learning about skeleton meshes? thank you in advance.

No, that’s not possible, you will have to create your rigg in a 3d tool like blender, 3ds max or maya -> when you tell me which tool you use, I can post you a tutorial :slight_smile:

You will need 3d software like Maya/3dsMax or Blender to create a Skeletal rigg
I uploaded a Blender character skeleton for use in UE4 and you are welcome to use it if you want Link to the thread here

I have the same question and was hoping you might see this I’m using blender 2.76 I think. would be grate if you could tell me how to rig and get things moving in ue4 I tried to figure it out by trying to move a cube but I couldn’t figure out how to rig it properly or how to move rigged assets there’s so many videos out hard to find the right one