Creating a simple mesh with specifying vertices


I would like to make a simple mesh (specifically a triangle) by specifying the three vertices needed to make this in blueprints.
How would I do this? I plan to be changing these vertices many times through my game!

As much detail as possible please, Iā€™m very new to blueprints :smiley:

Create a function in c++ and expose it to blueprint. What you are looking for is procedeural mesh creation wich is imposaible with blueprints at the moment. Some guy posted a c++ tut on the wiki.

So CustomMeshComponent for blueprints would not work>?

Oh havent noticed they put in such a thing. I did a quick sketch. It works. But this feels alomst like the Old OpenGL times :S.

Thank you! I will try this out and get back to you!

Can you please explain to me what each blueprint part does and if there are any other parts to this? I have little to none experience with construction scripts!