Creating a "Setup.exe" file from a windows packaged file

Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, so sorry if it is in the wrong place. I have a packaged game for distribution on Windows machines. However, UE4 doesn’t automatically create the install file (at least from what I have seen online about the topic). From my research, I am seeing I need to create this file manually. My question is this: When I packaged it, it created several folders, a manifest file, and an executable build of the game. What files are absolutely necessary to include when I create the install file? I tried using the entire folder, but it said it was not compatible once it had created the file.

Lotsa stuff out there. I use this:

Thanks, I have tried using InnoSetup as well as Iexpress. I like the speed of InnoSetup, but it still seems to not be creating an actual install of my game. When I install the InnoSetup compiled folder and launch it, it says, “Thanks for installing my program.” Then I click “Ok.” It then prompts directions on how to uninstall it. Then it closes.

When I package my game out of Unreal for Windows distribution, it creates an Unreal WindowsNoEditor file, a manifest, and two folders. One folder is named with my game and contains a subfloder, “Content.” The other folder is an “Engine” folder with several subfolders. I have tried using ALL files that were output by my package into InnoSetup. I have also tried eliminating the .uproject file. I get the same result either way.

Can you explain what I need to include in the Innosetup wizard in order to make the actual game install properly?

I think you are missing the step where you tell Inno what files you want copied. The Files section of your .iss should look something like this:

Source: “{YourStagingPath}\WindowsNoEditor\InstalledGame.exe”; DestDir: “{app}”; Flags: ignoreversion
Source: “{YourStagingPath}WindowsNoEditor*”; DestDir: “{app}”; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs createallsubdirs