Creating a Server and Connecting to It

So my game is going to involve two people playing together, but thats it, so I want to make it so one player creates the server and then the other person joins. I don’t want the player who makes the server to have to run a dedicated server, I want them to be able to do it in game. Is there any way to start a server from Blueprints without having to run the dedicated server. I’m not concerned with how the other person connects right now, I don’t mind if it has to be done in console or by ip. I don’t know how to explain this better, but think Minecraft how single player runs a server and then if you open it to LAN other people can connect. Is this at all possible?


What your looking for is a listen server. The Multiplayer Shootout example shows how to setup most of the stuff. In the editor by default it uses a listen server when your doing multiplayer testing.

Thanks. I’ve pretty much copy and pasted what they have besides the fact that I have the connect and create inside my player instead. Would you happen to know why I can create a session but not see it when I list sessions even if LAN is checked? I can connect to it if I type the open command into console.

EDIT: It seems to work if both are in the editor, but if I package it out and run them they don’t find each other.

In packaged games you can’t connect to a listen server from the same computer thats hosting it. You have to use 2 pcs.

How many tests do you need to have a packaged game to do which you can’t do from using the editor and just setting the number of players in the editor? Last time I tried from a packaged game was sometime ago maybe its possible but I was doing something wrong? I know for sure 2 pcs work with packaged.

If you set it to lan you can use two copies of the same game on the same computer or two computers it doesnt matter it will work.

if you use internet mode which is using steam online subsystem you have to have two different computers both with two different steam accounts signed in or you wont find sessions or be able to join

The 2 client bug seems to be fixed. Running El Capitan and 4.11 preview 3. For some reason player movement is really jerky without any intensive rendering or logic. Any idea as to why this might be happening? The update rate for the players is 100 times per second

there are a engine bug relate movement on multiplayer, not remember where i read, perhaps in 4.11 release thread.