Creating a second crafting path for a normal game structure?

Hi, hoping you guys can help me.

As a bit of a practice with my noob modding abilities, I have been trying to create a new path to craft an already existing structure. I have a new engram entry and a new primalitemstructure. The primalitemstructure is copied from an existing one with the crafting costs altered.

I can research the engram ok, I can craft the primalitemstructure fine, but I cannot place it. I suspect this is because the structure I’m trying to place is trying to consume it’s default primalitemstructure, not my new one? If I’m correct that this is the issue, is there a way to give an already existing structure an additional crafting path? Also, I don’t want to create a new structure altogether, I know that would be a way of solving this but is undesirable.

I hope I’m making some sense, thanks in advance for any help.

You’re item is probably missing these:

In the PrimalItemStructure - it points somewhere to the file for “Structure To Build” - this is your actual item BP.

In the Actual Item BP - it points to “Consume Primal Item”, which points back at the PrimalItemStructure BP. **If this is not the Primal Item BP you made, it won’t “consume” it and won’t place it.
The last place is in the PrimalGameData, under “Additional Structures To Place”. You Actual Item BP needs to be in there.

And Voila! One structure that can be placed.

Namely for the reason that CFrankie pointed out, and even from my own observations, it is not possible to have two ways to craft one structure/object.

You will need to duplicate the structure. There’s no two ways about it, unfortunately. The main reason this is, is because any one structure/item can only “consume” one PrimalItem#_#.


You could always make an item and add a spoiling time to it and then link the original vanilla item as the “spoiled one”. That way I have linked my different way to craft the dyes/kibbles etc.

Or you could use the “Give item when used” to achieve the same.