Creating a Seamless Character Swapping System

I’d like to implement something that allows me to switch between two blueprint classes of characters with the push of a button. There is a tutorial that somewhat explains how to do it, but it’s not a seamless action. I’m not sure there are many games to compare it to, but I’ve been told what I’m looking for is similar to the game Genshin Impact.

I currently have the basic system from the tutotial where the player can swap between the two characters using the “Tab” key. However, what I would like to do is make it to where the second character is persistently in the level, and pressing “Tab” would simply switch the player’s character blueprint.

The two characters I have. Each have different attributes for mobility.

Example Gif showing what I currently have:

I’ve been told in another thread that I could create two character states in the same character blueprint so that the player just switches their character mesh and abilities when they press Tab instead. I’d like to do that as an alternative, but I’m not entirely sure how.