Creating a schedule for a group of teams in a league. (Similar to Football Manager)

How would I go about doing this with Blueprint? I have a league of 9 teams, I will be giving each team their own actor blueprint to store variables such as wins, losses, players, elo, etc.** From there I need to have an 18 week schedule where each team plays each other twice.**

Brainstorming I tried to achieve this by doing an array containing the team names, and then when the schedule is called to be created select a random integer index to that array, and set that random int against another one to play. From there remove both random integers from the array. However this introduced several bugs and ultimately didn’t work no matter how many iterations I tried.

Does anyone else have a general idea or avenue for me to explore? Not necessarily a complete blueprint. Just some ideas?

Thank you!

I realized that only having 9 teams could cause issues, for this example lets say 10 teams.

Use a “dummy” team in the last spot ( = No 10) and assign all active teams a number between 1- 9 (or 0 - 8 and the dummy team as no 9). Then you can create a round robin schedule.