Creating a realistic physic impact to a character

I am having a hard time to create a semi-realistic physical impact using a thronable objects. In this project we have a bad guys that can be hit by a ball (or other objects). I have been trying to create a nice looking impact when the object will hit but for now i am not satisfied.

Here is the screenshot when the ball is coming towards the enemy


Best scenario i had was to create a collision sphere over the ball and when enemy overlaps that collision he would go ragdoll and the natural physics of the ball would handle the impact. This works with low velocities but when the ball have a high velocity the collision won’t trigger fast enough and item just bounces of the character and after that the character will go to ragdoll. Now he just collapses because nothing hits him.

I tried to do it by adding impulse to hit location. Here is what i have:

And here is the enemy Ragdoll event.

That same formula will work to other objects like physic walls, but not the characters that has been set to be a ragdoll. Any idea what is the problem here?


Did you ever find a resolution to this? I would be very interested on how you solved the issue!