Creating a realistic night time(dark) scene with a day/night system

My game uses a day/night system with no precomputed/static lighting & fog etc turned off. I have also lowered the enviroment intensity down to 0 and pretty much followed all of the tutorials although they don’t really take into account using a day/night system, I have seen comments suggesting it’s not even possible for dynamic lighting. Are there any good solutions to get a more realistic night time look and feel? I basically want pitch black besides the stars and some lights from objects placed in the scene. I feel like the engine should do a better job at this by default to be honest as it seems like a fairly overlooked limitiation.

Still hoping for some pointers, any advice?

Couldnt you just turn off / hide all the light sources at night and toggle them back on during day

Yes, it is possible. Create two directional lights for “sunlight” and “moonlight.” Mark the main sunlight source as “movable” and “dynamic;” do the same for the moonlight source. Set them to cast shadow, and ideally to use shadow cascades.
If you have torches that should only come on at night, but otherwise do not move, then mark those as “changeable” but not “movable.”
Set the brightness of the sun to 10, and the brightness of the moon to 0.5 or so. Make the sun yellow, make the moon bluer, and add a skylight that’s blue during daytime, purple during sunset/rise, and black/blue during nighttime.

Now, you can drive your sun and moon by changing their light orientation (direction) and light color.