Creating a procedural/auto generated trench system?


I was hoping someone can help me find a solution on how to create a procedural or auto generated trench system in Unreal engine?

Any kind of solution will help, I am currently working with a friend programmer who knows Python, C++ and I somewhat know the blueprint system Unreal (UE4) so open to a lot suggestions and ways to get around this.

Basically the project involves a player controlling a character within these trenches with a top down camera view. I will add some images to help demonstrate what I mean; the “Ground” sections will have to be filled up anywhere there is no trench (See images for reference), and myself as the artist will have to texture them as well, how can we go about doing this?

The textures of course will have to tile, and I can use some sort of Macro texture system so there’s less repetition but I will also need to be able to texture the “ground” section as well as the “trench”. Therefore I will have to have some sort of UV Map from either a module piece in order to texture the sections.

As this will be a random system each time it generated there will have to be a way to texture it seamlessly itself.

Hope this is enough of a description, look forward to hearing some answers.


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