Creating a PostProcessVolume from C++, anyone done that yet?


I’m struggling to create a PostProcessVolume from C++, as I don’t know how to apply the brush to the volume.
If anyone has any examples, I would appreciate it. I’ve checked both the samples and the engine and this is how far I’ve got:

TSubobjectPtr<APostProcessVolume> PostProcessVolume = PCIP.CreateDefaultSubobject <APostProcessVolume> (this, TEXT("PostProcessVolume"));
	PostProcessVolume->Settings.GrainIntensity = 1.0f;
	PostProcessVolume->Settings.GrainJitter = 1.0f;
	PostProcessVolume->BlendRadius = Radius;
	PostProcessVolume->BlendWeight = 1.0f;
	PostProcessVolume->Settings.AutoExposureMaxBrightness = 3.0f;
	PostProcessVolume->Settings.AutoExposureMinBrightness = 0.75f;
	PostProcessVolume->Settings.AutoExposureBias = 2.0f;
	PostProcessVolume->BrushComponent = PCIP.CreateDefaultSubobject <UBrushComponent> (this, TEXT("BrushComponent"));

I have no idea how to apply a sphere shape to this brush so that’s where I’m stuck.


Because volumes are defined using a BSP BrushComponent, which is very hard to build from code, this isn’t really something we support. You might be better off applying your postprocess changes to the cameracomponent instead.