Creating a Player Profile and then saving loading from that?


My game will need to be able to store a players stats, loot and other info and read/write from this during level changes, but also between game sessions (so they quit and reload the game and can select their ‘character/profile’ and carry on where they left off.
It’s more than a save game, it’s almost like an MMO in terms of it’s storing info about that player’s status in the world.

Anyway, I think that’s clear now what I need but I was wondering how to go about this in a BP project? I don’t need it to be saved on a server or anything like that, I’m happy for it to be client-side (local) to the player as I’m not bothered if they could cheat themselves. This might need addressing if I take this to include online play but I’m not factoring that in as yet.

I’m not an advanced user at all. I’m kinda learning stuff as I need it and I have no programming background so I’ll not understand references to code.

Can anybody help me out with some discussion on the simplest way to do this that I could easily work into my project please? I’m not afraid of doing long, laborious work or anything - I’d rather do that and understand it, than know there’s something simple I could do that I can’t do myself because it’s too complex!

Thanks for any help you can offer.


You could use SaveGame and just store all your current variables needed in there, then load on restart. You could actually use separate SaveGames where you store the character profile in one (name, stats) and another one for inventory and another one for world position.
I do a similar thing in my tutorial game where i store info from the game into a SaveGame (video #9 in my series…link is in my sig).
someone else may have a better idea…but that’s what works for me:)

Hey thanks for the tip, I’ll give ur tutorial a look and see what happens :slight_smile:

If anyone else has ideas too, throw them in here