Creating A Platformer Procedural Generated Grid Based Terrain System On YZ Axis

Think Starbound, Terraria, Dig Or Die.

Looking for someone to help with terrain generation based on a grid that’s created. Side Scroller style game. Need to create biomes, caves, different types of materials, blocks, etc based on Z location, etc. Based on Cellular Automation, but I would need it adopted to work with 3d blocks (like minecraft) but on a YZ axis. Something actually quite similar to this, except for running this on a YZ Axis, vs a XY axis like pictured below.

Some References:
This is one way water physics are used in some games, like dig or die, or starbound, etc, etc… However, I would need the terrain generation to work in such a way that this method could be implemented.

Dig Or Die on Youtube:
Note how the blocks in the game will change based on their neighbor blocks when they’re dug out

A PM on here is fine for contact, but will prefer to discuss more details via skype. Also, prefer to use PayPal for payment.