Creating a pinball machine

I have just finished creating a pinball machine,
but I encounter problems with collisions on the pinball machines at the bottom of the machine in the editor of the game,
all works correctly, it is only at the time of creation of the executable file That the problems appear.

A solution is welcome, but I think it is a bug of the engine UE4, on moving parts.

I give you the link to try the pinball


The engine UE4 is so fabulous that even at 75 years old you can make a game,
my little children 10 and 12 years have just started studying the engine UE4 …
It’s like TinTin from 7 to 77 years old …

Looks cool, i’ll give it a try.

EDIT: fun to play, a bit slow i’d say for the ball but fun :wink:

Let’s say ‘9 to 99 years old’ :wink:

New flipper with particle effect improved collision on moving objects, three examples of new menu flipper …


Do you have the project file for download? I’m looking for the UI interface, particularly the menu, I want to make a old style led menu for my own project. Can you share how you made it? Thanks a lot!