Creating a parking lot

Hello everyone. I am trying to create a parking lot similar to these

But am having trouble getting started with mine and making it look natural. Below is what I have so far.


Does anyone have any suggestions/ tutorials on how to create a parking lot? I have tried to search on Youtube, but most are about splines.

Hey, do you have experience in other 3D software, like Blender? Or Additionally: Photoshop (Adobe Illustrator)?

I have some experience in photoshop and am currently taking a course for Blender on Udemy.

Well, I faced the same problem couple months ago. This one saved my time: Open Car Parking Tent | 3D model

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Hello LiZulu, and thank you for posting.

I agree with MondRubberduck with the idea of using a 2D software to get the fine straight lines. Especially if you are using photoshop, you can use the line tool or rectangle tool (which I believe most 2D art programs have) to make straight lines. Then, Iā€™d export as a png, import to UE5, create a material and apply it to a plane. You could make it into a decal instead. Here is some information on decals if its of any interest.

I hope our solutions assist you.

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