Creating a package that to run on 4 multiple monitors

Hello folks! I am trying to package a project that should run on 4 monitors, excluding the main one. In Windows settings I have the main monitor all the way to the left, and the other 4 (that the project should run) aligned right to it In a Standalone Game, I can do that just fine, giving the window height (720) and width (7680) as the total of the 4 monitors, It opens on my main monitor but then I manually shift the window to the monitor using “Windows+Shift+Right” (Main monitor is also 1920 x 1080), but I don’t know how to package it with these settings.
The packaged version I get runs full screen on a single monitor.

I need to be running in borderless window mode which I believe is fullscreen mode 1

I tried editing config/DefaultGameUserSettings.ini, but it seems to ignore the WindowPosX, Y, ResolutionSizeX and Y. Only thing I can achieve is changing fullscreens/windowed with Fullscreen code Any clue? Thanks!

Console commands like r.SetRes aren’t working for me either. They only work when I open the packaged exe, move the window over to one one of the monitors.

My goal is to run the packaged exe on all 4 monitors as soon as my computer boots.

NVidia Surround is not an option because that can only support up to 4k resolution


Hey can you post a pic to understand it better. I am using 4 monitors as well but haven’t tried it.