Creating a Osx/iOS Plugin with a 3rd party Framework dependency

I’d like to write a UE4 plugin which has a dependency to a 3rd party framework and I am having problems figuring out how to declare a dependency to this framework.
PublicAdditionalFrameworks.AddRange does not seem to do the trick since it’s only used for built-in framworks (QuartzCore etc.).

Pulling out the dylib from the framework and adding it with PublicAdditionalLibraries.AddRange lets me compile my plugin but fails at startup because the library includes a @rpath definition (something like “@rpath …/bla.framwork/Versions/A/bla”) which leads to an error ("…/bla.framwork/Versions/A/bla" could not be found).

I found this question on AnswerHub which does not really have an answer, I have read the documentation here and here, looked at the build system code for mac and went through the plugins on github.

None of this resources really helped me.

So i guess the question is: Is it possible to create a plugin with a dependency to a 3rd party framework or can i somehow get the dylib to load up correctly?

One of Epic’s staff members over at answerhub was able to answer my question: