Creating a non-human skeleton

Guys, I believe that skinning object in Max3d and exporting it into fbx (the good old way), doesn’t work anymore with the new engine? Am I correct? If so, how (I saw few videos from here: am I supposed to create non-human skeleton? For a bicycle for example? How is this process (of rigging and animating non human object) achieved in this new version of editor?

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You can always import a non human skeletal mesh. Just create the rig and all the animations- then just import it normall -and then you have your skeletal mesh in your content browser → now you can use it as a vehicle/character/NPC/,…

Everything except of the bp and blendspace stuff is the same as in UDK :slight_smile:

Great news! Big thanks.
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Hi folks,

So if I want to rig my spacecraft with its various weapon arms and stuff - do I use a regular biped setup or can I just rig it as I would in 3ds Max.
Does UE4 support IK solvers and stuff imported from MAX?

Sorry for my ignorance about this but my main thing is modelling and rigging in max, not importing to UE4 :frowning:

You can rig your spacecraft however you normally would in Max; there’s no biped requirement or anything like that for UE4. Be aware, however, that the skeleton you create for your spacecraft is what will be imported into UE4, not the Max rig itself. So, any IK setup or rigging that you do in Max will not be preserved when you import into the editor.

My standard workflow for something like that is generally:

  1. Setup my animation rig in Maya/Max however I want it
  2. Create animations in Maya/Max
  3. Import skeleton (w/o the rigging, IK, constraints, etc) into UE4
  4. Import animations into UE4

So, you are still able to use the rig you created to author your animations in Max. Also, UE4 has it’s own IK and various other ways to manipulate your skeletal hierarchy.

More info:
Anim system overview:
IK in UE4:

Good luck!