Creating a new level in a top down template, movement controls stop working

Hey all,

Hope I’m in the right place. I keep running into an issue where I create a new level in a top down template and the controls stop working. I’ve already tried editing the GameMode Override (it defaults to “None” when I make a new level) in both World Settings and Project settings, but I can’t get the character pawn to move. Any ideas what this could be?



Check level blueprint.

Hi IM_Weazel,

The Top Down template uses a navmesh to move the character. Make sure your new level has a navmesh affecting the space that you want the player to move on. If you go into Modes>Placement Mode>All classes you can find the navmesh bounds volume. Place that in your level and press P. This will show where the navmesh is affecting. You can adjust the volume size to encompass any area you want your player to be able to move.

Thanks! Worked like a charm.