Creating a new Game

Hi everyone,

sorry for my bad question, but how am i creat my own landescape ? Do i have to creat it in Blender/3DS Max like this “- YouTube” or only in the Unreal Engine 4 ?

Dont quite understand your question if you are asking if you can create a landscape in unreal then the answer is yes .

But is certainly not the only way to do so … I am very new around here im sure somebody else can give you further help

Landscape editor tutorial:

You can also buy ready-made landscapes in the Marketplace.

Hi and thank you guys for the fast Reply.
Important is for me, if i have to do everything in the Unreal Engine, or its better to do it in Blender / 3DSMax.

hi as someone who is new to unreal despite having my account for a while. i would have to say that the unreal engine terrain editor is great .i suppose it all depends on your project as of yet i have not come across a reason to choose anything other than the unreal terrain editor its very simple to use and gives you a lot of control . I have been using blender for years and still choose to use the inbuilt terrain editor bundled with unreal

And how can you Export the map ?

Thats something im not sure about sorry .but im assuming that even if it is not possible you may be able to export the height maps and use those to recreate the terrain in a third party software .sorry i cannot be of more help