Creating a new Game

Hi all. I’m creating a new game and would like help in making it as I’m looking to gather people for this new experience. We wouldn’t get paid until the game sells and what profit we make from it as it will be funded by outside help. We would all sign a contract that helps make sure that we all get paid so no one is out of anything and anything that helps make sure that no one gets scammed. All information should be real and contact I’m looking for specific kinds of people that I need 2 of in every group. 2 animators, 2 level designers, 2 blueprint specialists, 2 Character sculpting. Any others areas are updated if needed as I really do this and if all goes well, I would like to make a team out of these people and start a company. You can work in your spare time if necessary to help us out and anyone who wants to contribute can do so. this game is a 2D game like smash bros but will be much more then just a another carbon copy. For people who want further details, PM me and ill go over the info.

P.S. I am just one guy trying make a something happen and looking for like minded people who don’t mind taking a chance. Also I myself have some level design experience, Character sculpting, and minor blueprint as I’m getting use to all the new functions and its been years since I touched UE3 and I had good experience in it and discovered UE4 last year. So I’m relearning everything so I would like anyone who wants to do this to bare with me. I also do character designs, but would like a person who does that as well. Also would like to say that this game will have so beta testing and only looking at a six month project at least to get a beta or maybe finish it in 8 months to a year.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Wrong forum.
  2. Your unlikely to find people who will work for nothing unless they already have the same idea to create the particular kind of game you have in mind.
  3. If you want people to take you seriously it would greatly help to have a personal portfolio with your listed skills and experience.

Thanks and its going be more than just the game I want to make. It will be for any projects that we want to do together as a group or projects that we take on from offers. But its just me getting off the ground which is kind of why the team will mostly be transferring work over emails. Also I did list my skills and my portfolio is sadly erased by my brother of a giant open world map that I made with monsters and people in a village.