Creating a new Component in Blueprint

Hi guys,

so I have read about 10 forum posts and answerhub questions, which all say one can create a new component in Blueprint by using the “Add Component” Node. Here is the thing. I can’t find that anywhere. Do I have to create this first? (It’s for a custom component class) Sticking my class into the “Construct Object From Class” node yields me a “Wrong class to spawn” error.

I’m not very good with blueprints. please help.

To find the

To find the “New Blueprint Component”, navigate to the actor, pawn, or character you wish to add the new kind to first, then click on the “New Component” dropdown. The options are the first two in the list. One is for C++ programmers, the other for visual scripters.

Once you have clicked on that, it will prompt you to name the component, and ask where to create it (what folder in your game). Next, it will open up the blueprint editor for the new component. This is where you can program how you want the component to work.

Hi pulp_user, in your blueprint graph, right click. There is a section in the All Possible Actions box that appears labeled “Add Component” that when expanded has all the component categories. Alternatively, you can type “add component” and the actions themselves will appear (check that Context Sensitive is on to see them easily).


This is unfortunately not the answer I am looking for. I want to create a Component of a given component class at runtime, not beforehand. I have worked around this issue by using C++, so there is no need to get an answer to this question anymore. Also: There is no answer to this, since an equivalent to “NewObject” in C++ just does not exist in Blueprints.

Either I have tomatoes as eyes, or this has been added lately. I remember searching for this and only finding nodes for pre-made components. Thanks!