Creating a new character in UE4

it looks like to create a new 3D character, we need to use a software like Blender as it is not possible to do it in UE4, after what i’ve read and seen in the documentations.
and the animations can be done in UE4.
Am i guessing right?

Yes, you’d want to model and rig your character in a 3D package. You can technically animate from within the UE4 editor, however I’d recommend animating elsewhere as you’d probably find it easier and it’ll give you a bit more control.

You could also use something like Adobe Fuse or Autodesk Character Creator to design a character if you don’t feel ready to model one yourself.

Good luck!

thanks for your answer

the animations look good in UE4
what is unfortunate is that the meshes are not generated when we import the 3D character into UE4