Creating a neon sign / jukebox neon material

Cheers guys =)

im pretty noob at unreal, so what i set out to do has been horrible so far and i have not gotten any functional result by just setting up a normal emissive material and applying it.

Im trying to make a material that shines bright in the middle like a neon sign / the neon on the sides of a jukebox, but doesnt shine all over, is this possible thru materials and if so can someone give me some guidelines of to how? =)
I considered making a glass tube and putting a smaller tube inside the glass and have that glow but i figure thats not how you’d do it.

Im no pro, nor am i capable of doing it myself. But here is a tutorial how a Tronglow like material is setup.

Here is a link that has finished material in it, including the texture thats needed for.

I followed the tutorial step by step, it also includes my own texture, its not really different from the one that is used in the tutorial, but i dont want no one to say that i share stuff that dont belong to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess if you dont want it like that, you still can pan the texture around so it glows where u want to.

Hope “I” could help you there :stuck_out_tongue: