Creating a multiplayer player hub area?


I hope I’m in the right part of the forums, its my first post :slight_smile:

I’m currently researching possibilities on creating a multiplayer hub area for my players. The basic idea is players connect and start in the hub (50+ players).
Here they should be able to do a couple of things like:

  • Run around.
  • Do Emotes
  • Invite or be invited to a party
  • Start a game session (4 players, p2p)

A player should be able to start a session alone or as a party-leader. Here comes the crutial part, the game is currently planned as a four player game without a dedicated server. I know I need a dedicated server for the hub. How would I go by implementing that in unreal? As far as I know my options are

  • Connecting to the Hub Session

  • Establish all infos for a “session”

  • Disconnect from the hub and connect/host to the new session

  • Use Online Beacons

  • I think?

  • Self made tcp connection for the hub?

Can anyone give me some pointers to get me into the right direction and/or tell me if I missed something?

Thanks in advance!