Creating a multiplayer FPS - Feasible?

I’m wanting to create a multiplayer FPS game. I’ve got a few very basic new person questions, mostly about how feasible hings are, or where I can get professional training. I’ve tried some courses on Udemy, but one was mostly about C++, and the other was the unreal pinball one. I’ve learned some great things but having a hard time transferring things into an FPS game. A lot of the videos I google on youtube seem to be incomplete or just touch on readjusting the default UE4 Mannequin.

  • Is it possible to build a complete FPS game with all Blueprints, and is it feasible for one person to make a game? I’ve got some basic programming experience but definitely a very basic programmer. I know git, git lfs, web development, linux etc very well so I think I could manage a project online well. I can alter and debug code well.

  • Is using marketplace animations a feasible way to make a complete basic playable FPS game? Are there any paid options to buy a better set of animations for this type of game?

  • What’s the best way to learn how to attach guns, and get firing working, and iron sights etc…?

  • Are their any good paid courses or books that walk you through creating an FPS game from start to finish? I found the C++ FPS tutorial in the Unreal documentation and also implementing the Animation Starter pack from the unreal documentation and this has got me doing some basic running around, jumping, crouching etc… but I think it needs expanding.

  • I’m trying to use all GPL or non commercial type of software. Makehuman, Gimp, Blender, etc… I’ve spend over a hundred hours trying to get a workflow of getting makehuman characters into blender, editing and then getting into Unreal engine. Getting the bones lined up and weighted properly seems to extremely difficult for a beginner like myself. I do have some characters working with the starter animation pack from Unreal. I’ve tried using AutoRig Pro for blender which has helped. Are there any start to finish professional guides on doing this type of workflow with videos? I’ve seen a lot of homemade videos, but they often are very incomplete.

have 2 series of tutorials on my sellfy store you can check out as well

These series are for multiplayer third person shooter style games, but alot “most” will apply to a first person shooter as well, might be worth a look, all done in blueprint as well

thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will check it out.

There’s a FPS example in the free learning material as well.

Thanks Darthviper. Which one are you referring to? The one called “Shooter Game”?

id imagine thats the one he is referring to, its mostly done in C++ although it is still good for reference material

So is anyone else able to answer any of the questions I had?

As well as shooter game, there’s also Generic Shooter in the marketplace. It’s blueprint-only, and one of the best examples of how to write in blueprints.

"Generic Shooter’ is a fantastic blueprint project which you can learn from. It has most of the basic stuff that you want to make and you could either learn from it since it’s very well documented and he has a active discord to ask any questions. Or you can even use it as a base for your game. Don’t expect great assets these are just placeholders, but the blueprints, gameplay and setup are solid!

P.s. The best part to me are the included sounds, which are recorded by the creator himself using only his mic and his voice :P.

Thanks! I didn’t know about Generic shooter. Yes. I’m not really looking for assets, would create all of those or purchase them.

I also just came across this course that looks promising:

yes its looks cool, thanks for sharing