Creating a multi placable door blueprint help


This is my first post here, and I must say I am enjoying Unreal Engine 4.

My aim is to create a blueprint class door that you can drag into the level any number of times and have that door, play the open door animation (via Play Animation) on itself once the player hits E. At the moment I have my blueprint set up as follows:



If the player enters the front trigger box, an open text will appear. Now at the moment, when the player enters the trigger volume, the door will open, and it works on each individually placed door blueprint. Thats all fine and dandy if I wanted the trigger box to trigger the door, but I don’t. I need the trigger to trigger the text visibility, and I need the player to hit E, when inside the trigger volume, to trigger the door.

If that sounds weird, it’s because I’ve been at this for 5 hours each day for the last 3 days and it’s late.

Aim: Once the player enters the trigger box, I want it to display the text, and await for input from the player. And then if that input is E, I would like to call the Open Door function. I’m trying to create a modular door system, so when you place the door blueprint into the level numerous times, you don’t have to create numerous blueprints.

Strange: Once I added a Event E node, and connected it up, once the E was pressed, it only worked for the base blueprint door?

thanks in advance,


welcome to the community ^^
the best way for you to succeed is going in the new “learn” tab in the unreal engine launcher, then click on “watch videos”
then you’ll have access to a documentation webpage dedicated to ue4 videos.
Click on “blueprints” and then “introduction to blueprints”.
Your final answer is in the 8 video but all the ones before will learn you a lot (and all other videos too)
Don’t hesitate to abuse of those links (doc / video and wiki) they have a lot of answers.

Thank you Fen, that is exactly what I needed. I see where I was going wrong now. I needed to disable input after the player controller had left the trigger volume.