Creating a movable pawn

I am looking to create a movable pawn. All I want at the moment is a disc that moves either forward/back/left/right, kind of like a chess board feel (will do diagonals). I have my disc, but I have tried numerous ways to get it to move with no avail. I can not put screenshots of all my methods as it would be a lot of pictures to sift through. I have looked at various documentation again without success. So it’s last resort time. I probably need to change some setting is something, maybe I need to create it as a new player. Please help me. I don’t mind if it moves smoothly or just jumps to the new position.

Diagonals too?

Also, how do you intend to cause the movement? Continuously pressing keys or selecting direction and order it to move or …

When you talk about “kind of like a chess board feel”, do you mean, the pawn “walks” the same distance on every move, like in real chess?

I want the pawn to move the same distance per press. So one press is one movement. Obviously if a smooth motion is in effect then deactivate the key whilst moving. Will incorporate diagonal movement at a later date. Set each pawn at the centre of a visible square tile and move exactly one tile per press.

Here (I’m sure there is a easier way to do it, but i’m feeling lazy today):




“Delta” is the distance.
The “Speed Rate” determines the movement speed. If 1.0 then it will take 1 second to make Delta. If 0.5, it will take 2 seconds.

You are a star. Will be on the case in the morning when my brain is working above 25%.