Creating a movable box volume?


I have animated the texture of a conveyor belt to look like it is moving and am wanting to setup a system that will animate the boxes along the same speed as the conveyor belt so the boxes look like they are being moved by the belt. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how this can be done? I was thinking of using Blueprint or some sort of physics volume…is that the best way?

After reading the Unreal docs concerning volumes I was wondering if you had ever seen or heard of anyone using NavMesh volumes to create a path for an object like a box to travel on? The theory comes from my thinking of the box as a NPC that the player will interact with. If we assign it an animation of moving forward and then place it on the NavMesh path…shouldn’t it work like a bot?

Hi GameHatcher,

You can setup something like this in blueprints and have it simulate physics at the end so it falls correctly off of the belt. You will need to adjust the OverTime value to match the box speed to the texture speed.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Thanks TJ, this is great! I received an answer in the forums also from Zak Parrish. You guys are great!

So TJ this is what I ended up creating with Zak’s help. I am going to attempt to create the BP that you made now. The process is really helping me get an understanding of how Blueprint works. Thanks again!

Hello TJ,

Will the BP that you created allow for the boxes to be interactively manipulated by the player in game?

After it completes it’s movement on the conveyor belt it becomes a standard physics object and can then be manipulated. While it’s moving however it’s locked on a path. You could do a check, something like if it’s hit, then stop movement and enable physics.

Hey, Can you please upload a higher resolution image of your blueprint? I have a similar project. I am currently working with physics and collision. I have multiple conveyors though. I would love to see this image: box-animation-solution_by_zakp.jpgto see if your solution is better in my case as well.

Thank You!