Creating a memory based game in unreal

Hello there!

Im currently working on making a game myself, a memory based game. I was wondering if anyone coukd give me some tutorials/blueprint help on this subject? Im not really a programmer, im just a modeler. Im studying game art and design and blueprinting is just a whole nother world to me.

The game is going to be used kind of like a study-aid on eye anatomy
i made a model of the inside of an eye, youll have a few seconds to look at all the labels of the eye and then it would disappear. The labels go away and then are replaced with dots. A name will appear ontop of the screen and you have to guess which part of the eye it is by clicking on the correct dot. If you choose the wrong one, youll have a second chance but the name will change and youll have to guess the new name that appears up top. You loose the second time if you dont get it right.

Any kind of help, tutorials, anything, would be appreciated, thank you!

Hi Tiffany,

This should be fairly easy to implement. For your eye example - you can use widgets to display the names of the eye parts. Then use a delay of X seconds to then set visibility of the labels to False (hides them).

Then, you can display a random name on top of the screen that corresponds to any of the parts displayed. You can do random by using 'Get Random Integer in Range" node. Say you show 4 parts and then hide them. Use the node and make the limits 0-3 and use the result to display a name from a String Array that contains all the names.

You will have to come up with a system to know which body parts are being shown and link that to the random name function, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

If you have any other specific questions, let me know.