Creating a melee combat system.

Ok, so I have some combat animations, i.e rolling, jumping, walking and a single attack, and the goal is to use these animations to create the basis of the combat system for a 3rd person RPG that I’m working on.
The reason I’m asking for help is that I’m not sure what would the best approach be to create said combat system.
Should I work on a capsule model, animation based systemLike this?), have collision detection on the weapons socketed on the player character that’s doing animations?
What are the pros and cons? is there a simple or better way then these?

The concept is to one day have a fully fledged action RPG system that feels a bit like the witcher and Dark Souls games,
using mobility (roll/dash) and weapon swapping as the main combat focus, different weapons that have different weights, animations, damage types etc etc etc

I know that I’m most likely taking on more than I can chew, but as I said, using those 4 animations and
making fighting a still dummy feel good and responsive is my first goal and secondly to create the roots for the rest of my combat system to build upon.

Thank you very much for your time, looking forward to discussing this with you guys.

This might help you out.

Yeah, after some googling, I found that tutorial as well. Honestly it’s precisely what I was looking for.
Very detailed and great for a beginner like myself.

Also having watched the whole series now, I feel like I can actually modify and build upon what he has created.
That’s a great set of tutorials right there.

Rama has made a detailed Melee plugin. You can find it here:
It has some nice features… :slight_smile: