Creating a Mechanic for a 2D Sidescroller HELP Q.Q

Hi guys, If anyone has knows how one would create a blueprint which involves an actor class which is a item pick up that has a 25 second delay after being picked up. so true would be if the playercharacter picks up another one the timer resets if false playercharacter is destroyed. level is complete when all of the items are found a picked up. Thanks if anyone can help.

Hi Steven,

Your question is very broad and its hard to give you specific advice since there are many different ways of doing this. Here is one example:

Create your PickUp item as an Actor Blueprint. Add a trigger to the item.
When the Player overlaps the trigger, cast to the Player Blueprint and call a function (call it fnItemPickedUp).
This function starts a timer (25 secs).
Then the item pickup self destroys (Destroy Actor Node).

If the Player overlaps ANOTHER item, the function fnItemPickedUp resets the timer, otherwise, when the timer hits 0, destroy the player (use Destroy Actor node).

Hope this helps