Creating a "master" folder for more order when merging projects?

Sorry if this is in the wrong sub forum, but wasn’t sure what would be a better fit.

Anyway, I’m merging together a few projects into a “hub”-menu where you’ll be able to jump between these different games.
My problem is that when I made these different projects I wasn’t planning on merging them all into the same project, and if I were to just merge everything over the folder structure would be a total mess.

Is there some clever way of moving every folder in a Content folder into a new “master folder”? That way, in the hub project, I’d have a folder for each game and things would be much less of a mess.

If this isn’t possible without having to manually go through and set up all the broken paths from scratch, is there some standard way of working where this kind of problem doesn’t come up?


create your master folder in the project you are going to use as the main one, create the first sub folder for that game, select all other folders and drag them to the new sub folder, ue4 will ask to move or copy. select move and ue4 will move and fix all redirectors.
once that’s done, copy all the files from project b into project a’s content folder in windows explorer, project a will auto find the files, then back in ue4 create a new sub folder in the main folder and drag all the new folders from game b into the new sub folder for game b
rinse and repeat for all games

Thanks for the response! The trouble I’m having is that when I move all the files into a new folder they lose a lot of connections, like materials, some blueprints lose their meshes and stuff like that.