Creating a loading screen for my new level

Yo Guys :slight_smile:
I’ve a problem in loading an image (as background) when transporting my character from a level to another one.
I’ve created a boolean variable in the “ThirdPersonCharacter” Blueprint (I’ve used as base for my project the third person blueprint example) and I have setted it as 0.
Then, I’ve created a portal (with a trigger volume). When the character overlaps the trigger box, I set the Loading variable (contained in “ThirdPersonCharacter”) as true and then It opens the new level.
Over this, in a HUD blueprint, when the receive draw hud event occurs, if Loading variable is true, it should draws the loading image.
But this image doesn’t appear.
How I could resolve this?

Here some images:

I believe you just have to put “Open Level” after “Draw Material Simple” instead of after “Set Loading”.