Creating A Lawn

Hey guys,

Doing some Arch-viz and I’m looking to create a lawn (as in cut/mowed grass). I don’t want to just use a texture because that’s soooooo last gen. When I use foliage to create polygon grass, it’s so heavy that it cuts my framerate in half. Each blade of grass is one poly with a blade-of-grass texture applied to it. I don’t know if anyone has a handy solution. One lead might be the rug from the Realistic Rendering demo. If you look at it up close, it seems like it has actual individual strands. But when you open the material it literally has like 100 nodes and my head just explodes.

I don’t know much about it myself but for something like this parallax mapping might be the way to go, I believe the technique uses a series of overlapping textures to create an illusion of depth

You could use multiple layers of low poly meshes placed on top of each other with slight gaps, each with a different grass texture with alpha mask, or same texture with offset/rotation. Combined with some additional meshes for sticking out grass blades/bushes (those can be foliage) I believe the result could be quite acceptable.

Hi emomobile,
Did you manage to make your lawn?
Since 2 weeks, I looked for a way to create a big grass lawn for an archviz project. But I’ve fond nothing convincing…