Creating a human NPC

Well so I have been trying to make human NPCs using the Giganto blueprint.

I have create a copy of the human mesh and skeleton, re-target all the animations to the new human skeleton, and created a custom icon.
But when I spawn the new NPC the mesh is stuck in the ground and an invisible NPC is running around:




What am I missing here? Why is the mesh stuck there and the “capsule” is running around?
Oh the animations play, the stuck mesh is playing the attack, running, hurt, and so on animations but is detached -.-

How can I fix that?

I don’t know much at all about modelling or animating but I do remember seeing “static” and “moveable” mesh variations on the actor bp’s. Could it possibly have anything to do with that?

Did you make an animation bp?

Really cool icon, I love it.

Yeah, I have an animation BP.
And the capsule component has the static/movable option not the mesh.

Bush People?
So you must know how to make this work! A little help here Samson?

I would LOVE to see a good tutorial on creating a human specifically. A costume dino is a simple thing. A custom human is a huge pain in the ars.



I’d love to see that tutorial too