Creating a godmode command

Hello all,

I am a student working on a project in unreal and I am relatively new to the engine. One of the task I have been assigned is to create an “Immortality” mode that is called from the command line. I am completely lost and need some guidance in the right direction. I thought I would just create a custom event and deactivate my killable component(where damage is taken) so the player won’t take anymore damage but I am not even getting the custom event called. I tested with a string and it doesn’t popup for me.

If anyone could help me or guide me or send me a reference that I could use to figure this out that would be amazing. Please ask questions if you don’t fully understand what I am saying. Again, not very experienced in unreal and I may ask questions about what you are saying.

Thank you in advance

Without CPP+ : it is possible to call a function in a blueprint with the command

ke* yourfunctionorcustomeventnamehere


ce if the function is in the level blueprint

Personally, I’d create a keypress (hidden behind ctrl or alt) for this sort of debug command.

Thank you for that suggestion, the problem is that the teacher wants us to make the command with the command line by pressing “~”
So I figured I would make a custom event but I am not sure where to put it. I assumed in the Killable component, where I have the take damage event happening, would be the location but I am just unsure on how I go about it.