Creating a Gameplay Events plugin based off Gameplay Tags

Hello guys, this is my first post in the forums :smiley: I’m super excited to share an idea for a new plugin that will make prototyping gameplay events much more developer friendly than it is now. I made a blueprint version of it:

It’s essentially a global event bus, so it’s not very good for performance, but imagine how easy it would be to use… Delegates are cool but they are super cumbersome to pass around.
Now the above approach works, but it’s still a bit verbose because of the boilerplate from creating the user-defined payload:

It’s nice that the user can pass any data they want, but I think this could be really cool to use if only there was a way to get rid of this boilerplate, but I’m not sure how to do that. My initial idea is to just have some sort of struct in there, would be really nice to use like this concept:

How would you approach this? I’m not sure if there even is such a thing as a generic struct.

I recently found your plugin, but with my lack of experience, to be honest i can not yet wrap my head around it how it should be used :slight_smile: But, on other hand, I have interest in such UE enhancements.

That is something actually quite simple to build.