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Hello everyone. So in this thread I would like to ask for advice. I have always wanted to create my own video game that I have some really awesome ideas for. The problem for me is that I dont have any skills in this field to even start something and then attract other people to join me on my project. I have been trying to learn C++, but I think coding really isnt for me. I have tried blender 3d modeling, its pretty awesome but my pc cant handle it good as it should.

So from my side it would be very hard to get people to work on a project and expect them to wait for their money after the game would be released and make some money. Now I am very confused and would really like to hear some of your opinions.


If you’re not paying people for their work then you will need to provide several things to encourage them to join:

  • An interesting concept, because if they’re going to give up their free time over this then they need to be passionate about the project

  • A detailed design document, because a few ideas and concepts does not make a game, and they need to know that you have a plan on how to realise your dream and actually know what your game will look and feel like

  • Signs of commitment. They want to know that they’re joining a project that will actually be finished and not abandoned after a few months. A design document helps, as it shows your ideas aren’t just based on an impulsive thought but are carefully planned

  • Signs of progress. They want to see evidence that the project is making progress of some kind, as they don’t want to waste time creating content that just sits there unused

My advice based on the above is to first create a detailed design document. This will help satisfy some of the criteria. I strongly recommend you also do the following:

  • Develop a skill. You said that coding isn’t for you and your PC isn’t much good for modelling, but perhaps you can use blueprints instead? It’s possible to make your game using nothing but blueprints without touching code

  • Blueprints will also allow you to create a simple working prototype of your game using the starter content, which shows progress, commitment and lets people see what the finished article might be like. All strong motivators

Good luck!

I personally would suggest you to join a beginner team so that you can work on a game + learn everything. After you have the skills and some stuff to show, you can start developing your own game. Therefore you will have to create something (meshes, level, gameplay,…) so that other people want to join your team.

The easiest way to get a team for your game is to ask friends or other beginners. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for all the suggestions so far…I have been looking at some Blueprint tutorials on youtube and it looks very hard, kinda like learning c++, so I dont know about that…

So you want to make a team to create games , so you are not alone . You may not know c++ but you have ideas and you know other stuff so if you find someone who is not so good at other thing but knows c++ you can work as a team . Separately you both can’t make games but together as a team you are good to go . That’s whole point of having a team , to make few separate “pieces” work together as one .

Unfortunately, modern games are complex and sophisticated. Generally speaking, the easier you make the tools to use, the less flexible they become. Tools like RPG Maker are really accessible and beginner friendly, but you’re very restricted to what you can make as a result.

An engine like UE4 is designed for maximum flexibility, so you can make any kind of game, visualization or program you want with it. The price you pay is that it is pretty daunting as a result.

Don’t let this discourage you, but you will need to come to terms with the fact that it may take you some time and effort to develop the skills you need before you can start your game. At first it will be like everything is in Chinese (unless you speak Chinese, in which case it will be like it’s in Hindi), but one day, all of a sudden, it will click and start making sense and you’ll be on your way. The trick is not to give up before then :slight_smile:

Above everything else, I think you just need to find your place in game development first.

It’s great to rush in a go for it, but you really should know who you are as a developer first, before you start.

Are you a Game Designer? Level Designer? Artist?

Once you can answer that question, you can start making games tailored to your position.
If you are a Game Designer at heart, the games you will be making will be more focused on story (most likely).
If you are an artist, the games you’ll want to make are going to very different than that of a Game Designer.

Answer the question, and then get started.
You might find that it is easier to just jump in a create than plan out (unless you really want a team behind you).

I hope this made sense.

~ Jason

New to this as well

I am in the same boat. I have been trying to engulf myself in everything UE4 for the last few weeks and I am trying to find my place in this big game development world. I am trying to figure out how to start, where to look, what to learn…everything. I tried getting friends as well as old college aquantences and came up shorthanded. If you need some more beginners to get together a couple of times a week and create something, PLEASE reply to this and I will make a post asking for more people that have the same viewpoint as we do. My email is email me if you are interested in partnering up to learn this and get our foot in the door.



I am also new to ue4, ATM I’m just trying to create a basic level so I can make some experiments with c++ and blueprints:)

A great tut to get started c++ :

Try something easy to help you learn…baby steps:)
Check out my video series in the signature. This is how I’m learning UE4, making a working game that is extremely simple. By learning as I go, I’ve already gotten ideas on what and how to do my next game:)
Don’t go full force on a triple-A MMO or something crazy without the knowledge. Start small and make small working games that will eventually lead to bigger and better things!

I still say, even though the entry level tools don’t necessarily teach you all you need to know technically - to start simple. RPGmaker, Renpy, something like that to start. You’ll learn the processes you need, the mentality, the difficulty, and probably at least a decent chunk of script editing/code… then if you can complete it you’ll learn about marketing, sales, and all the things that come with being in game development. In the end learning code is sort of the “easy” part of the process :slight_smile: Lots of people know how to code, few people can make great games! (I don’t know how to code at all, but I am a part of the process to make great games… but I certainly can’t do it alone).

What programs are used to create items like those models on the marketplace? Is it possible to do with blender, or is it any harder to put them inside unreal engine?

Blender, Wings3d, Maya, Modo, And many others. Blender and Wings3d are free. I use them in conjunction with each other. Wings3d is WAY easier than Blender… But you have to import Wings3d models into blender to animate and Rig them.
But Wings Is my goto program for Making pretty much everything. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

P.S. You said in you’re first post that you have problems running blender… You may be unable to run UE4. What are you’re PC specs?

Ok I see, so you can just as easy as with those paid programs import Blender models into UE?

Pretty much. There is some scaling issues. But just watch the Epic video tutorials about Blender. Also, I have to Put the object in wings on it’s side. But that’s like turning a Cd upside down. It’s easy. Also Don’t forget To UVWrap things!

Yep, works perfectly :slight_smile:

Here are some useful videos:Blender UE4 Setup - YouTube (also make sure to take a look at the 2nd part) :slight_smile: