Creating a game ready character for Unreal

High everyone.

I am starting a new project for Uni and would like some advice If possible. I want to create a fully animated character, that can be implemented into unreal and be fully controlled. I have have looked at tutorials for rigging and such but I thought I would ask here since the ultimate aim is to use it in unreal and I want pre emt any problems before they happen. The character is essentialy 2 characters stuck together, such as jack an Daxter. I would like idle, running and jumping animations. I am a beginner in this field so any thoughts would be greatly apprecieated.


Hi, are you new to all game dev related tasks? so have you done any 3d modelling before etc? for a QUICK and dirty setup to get a character into UE4 follow the below.

Go to search character, then at the top click price and type in ‘0’
you will get a load of free characters that you can use. If you get a non rigged model then you can either go to and use their auto rigger and grab some free animations. OR you will have to use a 3d package such as 3ds max, Maya or blender to name a few to rig your character.

Animation wise, you want a Idle pose, a walk forward animation and run animation, this will cover your blendspace. (you will learn about blendspace if you follow some of epics tutorials.) At a minimum that will get your character on screen an moving, with some editing of character blue prints. Below is more than you need to learn about Unreal Engine, I’ve also added in some modeling, rigging and texturing tutorials. - All of Unreal engine - This is pretty much all you’ll need for the basic of you characters in unreal. - This dude has tutorials on modelling, texturing and rigging. :slight_smile:

Any questions drop me a message. Have Fun.


2ShortGames has been in my bookmarks since its inception. The nightly build has some awesome stuff in it that they’ve been working on. It also has UE4 rigging. I’m just in the conceptual and exploring stage atm, but I have used make human in Blender, it’s pretty good.

@ emerald-shine , have you some experience with any 3D app?
Animation is one of the harder sections of dev, if you ask me.
All these actions, exporting, reimporting, redo…
I would suggest you blender, it is very well working with ue, so far i could tell.

Blender is really good for animating, lots of movies made exclusivly in Blender comes to mind like Sintel, big buck bunny, tears of steel and their newest one Cosmos Laundromat is pretty sweet, especially on the special effects.